Defending the human right not to be bought or sold for sex

Who we are

Beyond Exploitation is the Irish civil society campaign defending the human right not to be bought or sold for sex. We are creating an Ireland where prostitution is not seen as a solution to women’s poverty, where consent is not for sale, and where sexual exploitation is not acceptable. We are supporting the most vulnerable and silenced people in prostitution to have a voice. Our campaign is survivor led and survivor informed.

Our organisations witness the impacts of sexual exploitation on women, particularly those women struggling with addiction, migrant women, and trafficked women and girls. The Irish sex trade mirrors the international sex trade and the overwhelming majority of those selling sexual access are women and girls who experience the intersection of multiple, systemic oppressions and vulnerabilities including racism, insecure migration status, addiction, housing insecurity and income poverty.

The sex trade is an industry based on exploitation. We promote the Equality Model as the best way to end this exploitation and to challenge the profound gender and racial inequality and injustice that is central to the demand that drives the trade’s enormous profitability. The Equality Model holds perpetrators of this gender-based violence to account by making it illegal to pay for sex, to compel or coerce someone into prostitution, or to organise or run a brothel. The Equality Model means that any women who find themselves in the position of selling sexual access are not criminalised.

Support our campaign: If your organisation wishes to support Beyond Exploitation in our mission to end sexual exploitation in Ireland, get in touch with us to become an official supporter.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to end commercial sexual exploitation in Ireland. We will do this by developing exit strategies and providing more choices for women at risk of, or currently involved in sexual exploitation. We will develop and promote policies that prevent the sex trade from growing and make it harder for exploiters and traffickers to engage in grooming, coercion and exploitation.

Our objectives

To support the protection of women sold for sex, including victims of human trafficking.

To advocate for effective prevention and exit strategies for those exploited by commercial sexual exploitation.

To promote free, mutual and positive sexuality for women and girls and challenge their commodification and exploitation

To have prostitution recognised as a form of violence against women.

To build public awareness of the negative impact commercial sexual exploitation has on gender equality.

To support the full implementation of the Sexual Offences Act 2017 and related measures.

Our values




Women-led and feminist

Respectful & compassionate

Embracing diversity and inclusivity

Valuing the dignity and human rights of all

Beyond Exploitation

Supporter Organisations
Children’s Rights Alliance
Community Foundation Ireland
Dublin Rape Crisis Centre
Irish Nurses & Midwives Organisation (INMO)
Longford Women’s Link
Men’s Development Network
Merchant’s Quay Ireland
One In Four
Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI)
Safe Ireland
Women’s Aid

If you are in prostitution and would like to talk: Ruhama text REACH to 50100 for free, and get free confidential support. Or call us on 01 8360292 today

If you have experienced sexual violence: Dublin Rape Crisis Centre National 24-Hour Helpline: 1800 77 8888

If you have a query about your immigration status or that of someone close to you: Immigrant Council of Ireland helpline 01 6740200

If you are a victim of human trafficking: An Garda Síochána Freefone 1800 666 111

If you have witnessed or suspect you have witnessed human trafficking: An Garda Síochána Freefone 1800 666 111 or 999/112 or